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About us

SPT Contractors are here to facilitate the engagement of Limited company contractors. This has traditionally been the realm of recruitment consultants, but as contractors ourselves we believe that recruitment consultants have, in many ways, failed Limited company contractors and the companies that engage with them. The term recruitment is wrong for describing a process that helps facilitate a contractual and working relationship between two business entities and, we believe, has been a factor in convincing many politicians and government departments alike, that there is a need for legislation such as the Off-payroll working rules (IR35).

The aim of SPT Contractors is to help companies find Limited company contractors to engage with and facilitate the process of meeting and ultimately contracting their services. Our platform makes the process 100% transparent every step of the way and our billing model offers great value for money and may* also help to determine an engagement as outside the scope of IR35.

* There are many factors that may be used to determine the IR35 status of an engagement. Always take professional advice.