Posting engagements

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  2. Create a new company.
  3. Create a new engagement.
  4. Wait to receive applications from contractors.


We believe contractors should be charged a fair price for finding their next engagement, not the company they engage with; there are absolutely no hidden costs for posting engagements. We bill the Limited company contractor directly if they engage with you, through us. Unlike other sites that advertise contracts, there is no cost to you or your business for posting. Whether you engage with a contractor or not through us, you will not be charged a penny.

Once you have engaged with a contractor they will invoice you directly for their services, so you know they are receiving 100% of the day rate charged. The table below demonstrates how much you could be paying traditional recruitment consultants when the day rate you are charged for the contractor is £200.00 per day - in our experience recruitment consultant margins range between 10 and 20%.

SPT Contractors Recruitment Consultant (10%) Recruitment Consultant (20%)
Contractor day rate £200.00 £200.00 £200.00
Invoice total for year £46,000.00 £46,000.00 £46,000.00
Margin £0.00* £4,600.00 £9,200.00
Recruiter (20%)
Contractor day rate £160.00
Invoice total for year £36,800.00
Margin £9,200.00

It is for you to decide whether the costs above represent good value for money.


We provide a technological solution to help you engage with contractors. In addition to posting engagements, our platform will help you manage the application process, meet with contractors and sign contracts. We know you're busy so allow you to limit the number of applications you have in flight at any one time preventing you from being overwhelmed and your inbox filled up. We are constantly adding new features and automating the value that could be added by traditional recruitment consultants, through the innovative use of technology such as machine learning. If there are any features you would like to see, then get in contact and let us know.

* No margin will be taken from the invoice amount you pay the contractor's Limited company. The contractor will be charged directly an amount equal to their day rate - £200.00 in the example above.